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The Pretty Young Girl


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This pretty young maid I seek far and wide
My heartache each morn with her I don't meet
When I go to the bar, the dance hall or fete
But I'd follow her trail in the dead of the night

Now you're the young man that travels afar
Find me a gem I can have as my wife
Never yearn or pine for flocks or for kine
And I'll conjure plan that will charm her life

Have her youthful and fair with no worry or care
Patient and wise in affairs of all kind
Modest and mild, without too much pride
That is my love if she hadn't a dime


Let no blemish or shame be attached to her name
Honest in heart and gentle in mien
No hatred or vice to be heard in her voice
But cheerful and smiling from morning 'til night


And I'll charm her life

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