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Forever and ever - caught in a midnight land
Forever and ever - there is no escape
Forever and ever - from now until the end
No force will break the spell
When you're lost, and you are damned
To live forever

I remember the good old days
It was once upon a time
I felt the sunlight on my face
I had the strength to rise and shine
These precious memories grow pale and turn to grey
A nightmare becomes reality, and soon the truth will fade away

Now the moon fills my heart with it's silver light
What was wrong is turning into right

All I hear is gloomy silence
All I see is blazing red
A cold shiver's running down my spine
I know so well what lies ahead
Don't want to hurt you, girl
But my desire 's beyond control
I hate myself for what I do
And yet I doom your soul

Now the moon fills your heart with it's silver light
I'm your groom and you're my midnight bride

Now I'm drunk with delight
You're my groom,I'm your bride
Now we fly through the night
And I'll stay by your side
May forever come soon
May the man in the moon
Be our witness tonight
It will be right

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