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Good Grief

Dr. Dog

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You can throw your cares to the wind
Just blowing in the breeze
You can go for miles and miles
Crawling on your knees
You can enjoy the time of the year
Pounding beers and a bottle of chuck
But good grief and good luck

You could throw dreams to the wind
Fall and get some rest
Swim in shark infested waters
Just hoping for the best
Get a book of matches and a passport baby
Start living in the belly of a whale
But good grief and oh well

Good grief and good luck

You can dance in the wind
Just blowing down the street
You can walk across the city
Yeah with nothing on your feet
Or you can move to the country baby
But who am I to judge
Good grief and good luck

You can drown in the sun
Yeah, trials to the night
Do your hair in the moonlight
In a mirror full of wine
Just because it doesn't kill you baby
Doesn't mean it's such a life
So good grief and goodnight
Oh good grief and goodnight
Good grief and goodnight

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