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Humble Passenger

Dr. Dog

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I set out before the sun came up
Brought my light and my canoe
Convinced that’s all I needed
Lord knows that wasn’t true…

So I kept my lantern low, until my house was out of view
And by and by I reached the ocean, as the day made its debut
And in the misty summer morning, I found myself under attack
And in the panic of that water, I knew there was no turning back
So I made my peace and I set my course for an island to the west

For on that shore of sycamore, I’ll find myself some rest
Once I hid my boat and covered my oars, I fell down into that shade
And I dreamt that at my ripe old age I was back in the second grade
And my momma she was calling for me and the bus came down my street
But I did not know what shoes to wear, and I could not find my feet

So I floated down the hall, through the door, and everything went pale
I climbed aboard that yellow bus as it turned into a whale
And then it swallowed me up whole, yeah it thrashed me all around
Well it chewed me up, and it spit me out, miles above the ground

And I was falling for the water that was boiling in a cup
And I tried to scream, but had no steam, and that’s when I woke up
When I came to I was so confused, how long was I asleep?
The loneliness I felt right then was enough to make me weep

Then I heard the voice inside my head, lit a fire under me
It said, "your fear is gonna cost a lot, but your courage comes for free"
So I thanked that little island, I paddled off without a care
For I know not where I’m going, but I’ll know it when I’m there

And I hope that no-one’s a-missin’ me back in my home town
For together we will always be, even though I’m not around
And the sea swirled by like a ballet, and it sang its gentle song
But a distant rumble warned me it wouldn’t be that way for long

So I spoke out and I told the night, "this life’s not only mine
I am just your humble passenger, and I trust your grand design"
By and by the clouds came lumbering through and the raindrops staggered in
And the waves lined up, two by two, for the show would soon begin

And the lightning bolts ripped through the sky like sharks that missed a meal
And the wind went up so hard and cold just like a wall of steel
Then all at once, the sea below picked me up a mile high
As it threw me to the ocean’s floor I heard the night’s reply

"Well you see, my humble passenger
The sorrow that I feel?
For I do not know where you belong
And I do not want this wheel"

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