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Letter From Egypt

Morten Harket

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It's a pity to disturb
What happens by itself
By greed and hunger
We won't reach it any longer
You're a fool to use force
When you walk through open doors
And see this night, perhaps it falls
Not for you and I at all
All these stars they would shine
Even if we both were blind
but something now is gonna come
We can live some day
Like if we're gone
We won't need much space
We won't need much spare, then

So let me walk you down the street
Kicking leaves up with our feet
That's not a sound for us to hear
but for the blind man over there
And it's allright, baby it's ok
Everyone is on their way
Have a look - around you
Everybody knows it's getting late
Baby it's ok
Everyone is far from home these days

My love, what can I say
Tomorrow's always been
A very special day
And it's allright baby
It's ok
Have a look around you...

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