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Where You Are

Morten Harket

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You were blessed
You were blind
To an angel so unkind
So ashamed you could die
cause you find the perfect lie
These are tears that I know
cause I´ve travelled down that road before

In the mystery of time
We can make our reasons rhyme
with a smile, little friend
By your side until the end
Just a boy and a girl
We don´t have to face the world alone

Where you are I will be with you
Someday soon our hearts will mend
Where you are I will be with you
till the rainbow´s end

Let it go, give it all
It won´t hurt you when you fall
We laugh if we cry
We´ll surrender to the sky
We can dream, we can dare
We´ll be brave enough to care once more...

Where you are ...

Where you are my heart will follow
Spread your wings and fly away...
Where you are...

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