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Valley's Eve

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My life is like dust
Gone with the wind in the desert
My soul is burning for love
But my brain is longing for pain and devastation I wanted to held you light
But I did not manage it
The tears flowing down from your eyes to the ground
Are as dry as dust like my unsteady life I saw you walking on the water
I could not believe it
I saw dead people
Standing alive in front of you again
And I was astonished Come again, turn back the time
Cause you know that it is true
Come and take me with you
To the time of the truth I was sitting by your side
Eating out of your hand
Do you know me, do you feel me?
Then put out my inner fire
Yes, I am what you have left behind yourself
Do you still know the name you have given to me?
You have left me alone without giving a sign of yourself
Believe me, I will never change myself
Until the time you will appear again And then we will walk together hand in hand
Meeting the truth in the ray of sunshine

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