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Dance Into The Light

Dj Bobo

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We're gonna dance into the light
Now let the rhythm take control and set you free
We're gonna dance into the light
Oh I can feel this night will last eternally

Chorus B:
We're gonna dance, dance into the light
We're gonna dance, dance into the light

Verse 1:
You gonna get me swaying
To the hypnotising beat
The rhythm's gonna take me
And make me feel that special heat
Now I'm gonna get the feeling
We can enjoy this simple dance
There is no time to waste now
This perfect night will be our chance

There's something in the air tonight
Just you and me come and hold me tight
This ain't no dream, do the dance of love
And feel the beat

Verse 2:
The music will take over
With your body next to mine
You can drive me crazy
Don't hesitate and waste no time
Oh come and dance with me my baby
And shake your body to the groove
This is a night to remember
Girl you've got this magic move

I enjoy to call your name
You can light my burning flame
Let our bodies synchronize
Oh can`t you feel it

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