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No Matter What People Say

Dj Bobo

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No matter what people say
You don't have to hide
No matter what people say
Show the world your pride
All your feelings are so strong
Emotions can't be wrong
No matter what people say
You are beautiful

Verse 1:
I see you walking and your steps are getting faster
You recognize me you're a glow with happiness
Your charisma fills the room with good vibrations
Today you're no more trapped, you're no more handicapped

Bridge 1:
Your world, is turned around and that's for real
Your love is what I feel

Verse 2:
You embrace me with a smile to hold on to so
I see your mother and her eyes are filled with tears
Your joy and pleasure are contagious let me hold you
There will be no doubt, today you are so proud

Bridge 2:
Oh I - I see the way you look at me
Oh I - I feel your energy

I thank you
For calling me your friend
I thank you
Come let me take your hand
I thank you
You make me understand
Life is more than fame, 'cause we are all the same

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