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Take Me To The Top

Dj Bobo

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I only got one chance,
Just one moment to go straight to the top
Here I am,I close my eye,
Will my dream come true ?
I'm ready Give me the spotlight

Stand up, take me to the top
Let's rock the nation, celebration
Never ever stop Stand up, ready for the ride
I wanna get the party started
Let's go crazy tonight

I want to keep on walking over this broken glass
Whenever I am moving, direction upper class
This crazy life - is less than I deserve
I've got no money, got no future, only got my verve
I want to hit the jackpot, instead I miss the train
Can't take the heavy pressure, it's too much for the brain
Open my mind - here comes my only chance
I wanna take it, wanna make it, now it's time to dance

I'm feeling like a lion, time to leave the cage
I'm breaking out, this is my night to remember
Give me the spotlight and the dance floor is my stage
Express myself, I will never surrender

Left in the middle of nowhere, I'm standing in the rain
And about my future, It's driving me insane
Fight for my right -keep my dream alive
Afraid of drowning in my tears,
I'll wake up and survive I lost my wheel of fortune,
I need to take control
Dragging and creeping slowly to get out of the hole
It's time to change - the best is yet to come
I'm flying without wings,
I've got the power now I'm strong

I feel my heartbeat from head to my toe
Is this life the end or the start of my show
Now I can hear the silence
My world stands still I'm all alone

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