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The Devil's Son

The Creepshow

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I was sleeping, late at night
When I heard a sound that gave me an awful fright
I looked out to my window to clear my sight
There sat the Devils son in the pale moonlight

And he said, "Hey baby, would you let me in?
You're looking awfully good, it would be a sin
If you were to be laying here alone tonight
Just let the heat in baby
Don't try to fight."

He hit the nail right on the head
I was cold and lonely inside my bed.
I never thought I'd be the one
To fall in love with the Devil's son

He held me in his arms
And I fell in love with his devilish charm
I didn't know it could end like this
I fell in love with the Devils kiss
We're still together, me and you know who
I didn't know what the Devil could do
I should have never let him in
Now I'm living life in eternal sin

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